A Good Day

This week has been busy, bouncing between calls to my neurologist’s office and the drug company’s foundation for free medication. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, the world’s most frustrating game of Pong. Finally, this morning, Nurse Angela called to let me know my application for free Ocrevus had been approved, and we could proceed with scheduling my infusions.

I burst into tears immediately. This has been such a long time coming.

My first half infusion will be next Friday, followed by the second two weeks after that, as long as my labs submitted today come back clear of any sign of infection. Then I’ll be done with treatment for six months. During that time, I’ll have to do labs and MRIs to see how things are going, and I’ll be completing my final appeal with the insurance company. I feel good about my chances with an outside reviewer overturning my insurance company’s decision to deny infusion therapy, and because the drug company is covering the medication this round, I have time to write the most persuasive letter of my life. This is an area comfortably in my wheelhouse; so many people are intimidated by the process of writing appeals, but I’ve won such disputes in the past, most notably for hundreds of dollars with Verizon. The system is designed to wear us down; fortunately, I don’t tire easily, not when I know I’m right.

I’m not completely in the clear, though. I’ll have to pay for the infusion costs, which will likely be a few thousand dollars. That’s money beyond my supposed out-of-pocket maximum of $4,350, passed months ago. Although the drug company may assist with some of that cost, I’m on the hook for the rest. It’s a compromise I’m willing to make for my sanity, but the injustice of it still stings.

Today, I celebrated the news with a walk in gorgeous, mild summer weather, practically skipping around the lake. My niece Abby is staying for a few days, and after helping her uncle with yard work this morning (for pay–she’s not stupid), we spent the afternoon in the kitchen. She went to culinary camp a few weeks ago and was disappointed that they didn’t do any baking, so she decided M&M cookies were the only way to remedy that. We laughed as we worked, and barely enough M&Ms escaped her mouth to dot the top of the cookies. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Oh, happiness!

In short, today was a good day. I hope your Thursdays were filled with similar miracles.

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